Saturday, January 1, 2011


After the pad was finally built high enough, the form for the slab was put together rather quickly.  But as much of this process has gone, we ran into another snag. 
Initially, we were hoping to have our foundation poured around the Thanksgiving holiday, however, this was definitely not the case.  With permit slow-downs, we became delayed yet another month.  Duke received this fantastic news while the family was out enjoying dinner to celebrate the girls' grades.  The way the holiday fell, our project could not be scheduled to be approved for approximately another three weeks.  Our contractor was hoping, through some contacts, to have that date moved to the next week, but was unsuccessful.  So now into the third week of December, we had approval from the city and our county permits in place to move forward. 

The week of anticipating appoval of all of the necessary permits, the prep-work for the foundation pour was done.  Our biggest Christmas gift this year was the fact that we now have a foundation for our new home!  Of course when something new happens, we cannot wait for the next step!  Our contractor told us that they would begin framing about a week after the slab was poured, making framing begin just in time for Duke's birthday!  But as things go, instead it was raining three days ago, so, no framing...

Now, on New Year's Day, Duke's birthday, we are waiting for lumber to drop at the beginning of the next week so framing can begin.  Of course, we are not excited for the weekend to pass so we can get back to work and school, but we can't wait for Monday to begin our next phase!

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