Saturday, November 20, 2010

Here We Go

   Okay, it's been a while since there has been any update on what is going on with the house.  Finally, it begins!  The last week of October, trees started coming down.  But the way things have been going for this process, one week into clearing, it began to rain.  I suppose it was bound to happen eventually.  The area needed it after all, since there was a "burn ban" and everything.

With the rain, the process continues to stall.  After the rain, it is too wet to use the equipment without getting stuck, so the ground has to dry out before they can get back to work.  Then after they get back to work, it rains again.  The pack ratio is good, and then it's not.  Now after meetings with engineers, our builder has a new plan to move forward with, and right now the weather is cooperating. 

So ending our fourth week after clearing started, they are working on building up the "pad" for the foundation. 

And we have the start of a pond.  Well, we have a BIG hole in the middle of our lot. 
The end of this phase looks closer everyday!