Thursday, October 21, 2010


To say that these past four months have been an emotional roller coaster would be a great understatement.  This process has been a series of ups and downs.  At this point we are just waiting.  We have run into complications with our lot and  I am sure this happens more often than not.  I am not sure that it is always a good thing to know about every worst case scenario, but at least our new contractor is always sharing new information as he comes across it.  

Photo by Jordan
We contracted a second survey, and as our builder suspected, it varied from the first.  Unfortunately, because certain lines were different, of the little over four acres, we now have an acre that we can put a house on.  That in itself is really no big deal because we did not want to clear more than that out anyway.  And although we knew that the site for our new home needed to be built up, we were surprised to find that it would need to be about five to six feet.  Then came the soil tests to determine if we could use earth from the back of the property to build up the lot.  When those results came back and it was found that we could, then we had to check with the county to make sure that we could actually put a "borrow pit" in the back two acres.  After stressing over that issue, it was found that we could indeed do those things.  Duke wanted a pond anyway.  Of course this will end up changing the original estimate for "lot clearing," and we will have to change up some things in our budget. 
All along, we have been making preliminary decisions of what will be going into our new house.  Finishes for fixtures and cabinets, choices for brick and lighting have been chosen.  Bids for plumbing, electric, sheetrock, windows and such have been sent out and come back.  Our engineering plan for the foundation is approved and good to go.  So now, we continue to wait for a couple more bids to clear and then we can get started! 

After a whole month of fantastic weather with no rain,  we will see what happens when we finally get our go ahead.  We are getting into a "sloppy" time of year we are told, so we just keep hoping the weather will hold out so we can get moving.  The optimist in me, and yes, believe it or not there still is one,  keeps telling me that there will be trees coming down in the near future.  Duke, the girls and I just tell each other how excited we are getting, and how nice it will be once it finally does happen!   In the meantime, the family continues to keep up our daily routines and tries to stay positive overall. 
Some days are harder than others.

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