Friday, September 24, 2010

Moving forward

Since we've been in waiting mode, and with our builder's suggestions, we have tweaked things a bit.  The elevation of our house has been changed, A LOT!  Our builder suggested  a little more "country" look.  He added timber accents and a bit of siding.  Honestly, I love this.  I liked it before, but now there is more personality.  The whole family agrees and we are SO excited!  Jordan and I went to look at some model homes to get ideas for different finishes for fixtures, appliances, and color schemes.  That was our homework from the builder for this week.  Models  are always so beautiful,  so we have to keep our expectations realistic.  Oh well....

Because they have not had a lot of access to a yard for the past few months, we have been taking the dogs out to the lot on the weekend to run around.  We have come across some of the weirdest looking bugs and spiders.  I wish I would remember to bring my camera!  My dad and I were walking it earlier this week and spotted the most gorgeous owl.  It was up in the trees by the creek along with about a million mosquitoes.  It looked huge from the ground, so I am sure it was much larger.  Cotton surprised some turtles, and although Jordan thought she saw a little snake slither away, I personally have not seen any ...yet!   I do not like snakes.  Duke does NOT like snakes, and Elizabeth will scream when she sees one, no matter how big.  Jordie doesn't seem to mind them, but she hates pretty much all spiders and insects.  We all get to face those things we are not too crazy about on a more regular basis when we finally do get into our new home. 
Although we have had some other distractions since moving toward this new goal, and I will probably bring some of them up from time to time, this little summary is pretty much up to date.  Hopefully, even though we are a couple of months behind our original schedule, and about a week behind our new one, the outcome will still be in the near future.  At this point, we are waiting on soil test results and a finished preliminary detailed budget to complete the process of obtaining our construction loan.   We have been at this point for about two weeks so you can imagine that we are starting to become impatient.  But "it's going to be okay."  After all we have waited this long already...  I can't wait until tomorrow's meeting!

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