Friday, September 24, 2010

More History

We moved out of the house a week before closing.  It was the LONGEST day.  Everyone worked so hard and we were fortunate to have some help from Will and Gordo.  The girls stayed with my parents that evening, along with Sydney and Cotton.  Duke and I finished cleaning out the house around one or two in the a.m. and barely remembered to leave room in the car for Cheyenne.  She whined all the way to the apartment.  The following Monday after closing, Duke went straight to our builder and gave down payment to get started on our new home.  And of course you can only imagine how excited we became when when drove by the lot and saw a survey crew out the following weekend.  Since we had a lot of rain in June, we didn't think too much of the fact that we hadn't seen much progress as we continued to drive by and check out the lot.  By the first or second week of July, we began to wonder why we hadn't seen more.  Duke attempted to contact the builder to see what was holding up the progress.  Before he heard back from the builder, he was contacted by the architect, who was wondering if we had spoken with him recently.  Anyway, to make a long story shorter, after many voice messages, e-mails, and such, we could not get any communication.  After much persistence, we had found out that he had recently passed away.  Over the next couple of weeks, we began to look for a new builder and try to get our money back.  We decided on a new builder more quickly than we were able to get our down payment.  Fast forward about two months, and thanks to my husband's tenacious nature, we did get the money back, less the cost of the survey.  In the meantime, we did happen along a string of unfortunate events.  Cheyenne had a vestibular attack, (those with older dogs know what this is and she is okay now,)  the Mazda was vandalized, and my Durango was stolen.  We repaired the Mazda's side mirror, the Durango was recovered, and  found that is was going to be a total loss.  But we are all still healthy, even with Elizabeth's back issue,  and our new mantra is "it's going to be all right!" 

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